Ocean's 8

By Jackie Raphael

3.5 stars

While I love that they had an all female leading cast, Ocean's 8 was a little disappointing. It would be great to see more female roles on screen without it being as cliched as Ghost Busters. Ocean's 8 is set after the events of Ocean's 13, with a few references to the past films, and it was clearly numbered to allow room for a new franchise. The plot is centred on Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), who gathers a female crew to attempt a jewellery heist at the New York Met Gala. While the cast sounds impressive, some of their performances were a little weak. Surprisingly, Cate Blanchett in particular over-acted throughout the entire film, while Anne Hathaway over played some scenes and Rihanna tried too hard to be cool. Mindy Kaling’s comedic skills were also underused. But Bullock was a good lead choice and played the role well. The fashion was also beautiful and there were some fun cameos. Ocean's 8 was certainly not original, but still enjoyable enough as a heist film.