A Quiet Place

By Jackie Raphael

4.5 stars

This intense film is a cross between Alien and The Walking Dead, with scenes that reminded me of Jurassic Park and Titanic. However, even with these similarities it is still a unique film, as it is essentially a silent movie that explores themes of family and survival. A Quiet Place focuses on a married couple and their three children who are forced to live in silence to avoid being killed by creatures that hunt by sound.

The film has amazing performances, especially considering it relied mainly on their physical expressions. John Krasinski directed and acted in the film, doing a fantastic job at both. Emily Blunt is immensely talented and was a great addition to the cast. There is a particularly harrowing scene on a staircase, where she really conveyed the pain of her character. The children all did wonderful work in their challenging roles too. While the last five minutes are slightly lame, the overall film is gripping and relatively logical in terms of the parameters created and the resolution. I highly recommend seeing this film, but hold onto your popcorn because you will jump.