Ready Player One

By Jackie Raphael

4 Stars

Steven Spielberg is the reason I wanted to see this film and he did not disappoint me. Adapted from the novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One is a fantasy film set in 2045 and is based on the idea of people becoming overly obsessed with a virtual world, called Oasis, that it becomes equally as significant as real life to the players. After the death of the creator of the game, a video is released announcing there is a hidden easter egg and the first to find it wins the creator's fortune. This challenge leads gamers to compete against one another, but they are also battling a powerful organisation.

The film is very reflective of the issues we face today with virtual environments, whether it be gaming or social media. It deals with formed persona, addiction and social anxiety. The film also pays homage to the 1980s, as this was the period when gaming began. The 80s nostalgia is also reflected in the soundtrack, as well as various pop culture references to famed writer/director John Hughes and films such as Alien and The Terminator. Spielberg could have edited it down a bit, with one particular action sequence dragging on, and there were also some unnecessary lame moments towards the end. But overall, the performances were strong and the visual effects were great. You feel immersed in the virtual reality just like the players in the film do. While Ready Player One has some similarities to the Tron films, it is definitely not just for gamers.