Love, Simon

By Jackie Raphael

4.5 stars

What’s not to love about Love, Simon? It is filled with heartfelt moments and consistent laughs throughout. Based on a novel by Becky Albertalli, the film is filled with elements that will remind you of 10 Things I Hate About You and A Cinderella Story. But it is also a little more serious than those films, with the central plot focusing on a teenage boy trying to come out as gay to his friends and family. Trapped between announcing who he really is and holding on to the perception of who people think he is, Simon (Nick Robinson) awkwardly struggles to find his way.

Rather than making it overly melancholy, there is a lot of joy in this film providing great entertainment. The cast is fantastic in both the comical scenes and dramatic moments. The teachers, played by Natasha Rothwell and Tony Hale, are particularly hilarious. Rothwell’s character has a no-nonsense attitude and Hale’s character is quirky and intrusive, which allow them both to shine in their own way. The teenage cast members had great on-screen chemistry, making their friendship and relationships believable. Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner play Simon’s supportive but concerned parents. They both provide loving moments that could make you cry. This is a film that should be watched by everyone, but in particular will be inspirational for teenagers trying to find their identity and anyone who is thinking of coming out. It could even be studied in schools as a way to discuss acceptance and bullying.