Murder on the Orient Express

By Jackie Raphael

4 stars

I had high expectations for this remake of Murder On The Orient Express and I was not disappointed. This all-star cast film, based on the famed Agatha Christie novel of the same title, is brilliant. In typical Christie style, everyone is a suspect in this murder mystery and the film has you pointing fingers at each character as the greatest detective in the world Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh, with the most impressive mustache) investigates. Branagh also directed the film and did an amazing job at both. The scenes on the train were perfectly arranged and there was also great exterior camera shots that panned to add intrigue. The set design was well utilised and captured the essence of how scary it would be to be trapped in such a tight space with a murderer. The costumes were also immaculate and helped to establish each unique character. The entire cast did a great job, but Johnny Depp was particularly good as he added a bit of charm to an unlikable character. Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Josh Gad and Michelle Pfeiffer also gave excellent performances. While the film has a slow start and could be trimmed down a little, the audience is still entertained throughout and is likely to be shocked by the twist. There is a hint at the end to another Christie novel, Death on the Nile. I really hope they make that film too.