Daddy's Home Two

By Jackie Raphael

3.5 stars

I was not sure what to expect from this sequel, but Daddy’s Home Two was a lot of fun. The story was reinvigorated by bringing in the fathers of the main characters, played almost perfectly by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow respectively. Gibson brings a lot of laughs as the sarcastic Kurt, who likes to stir up trouble and is a tough-love kind of dad to Mark Wahlberg’s character (Dusty). In contrast, Lithgow (Don) effortlessly plays a sentimental and affectionate dad to Will Ferrell’s character (Brad). The film explores issues of fatherhood in a comedic way, as the families try to have a “together Christmas” with everyone spending the season as one unconventional family. 

The entire cast did a wonderful job and provided consistent laughs throughout. Wahlberg and Ferrell are not only the stars, but also produced the film. Marky Mark fans will also enjoy the brief moment when Wahlberg sings, if only there had been more. Ferrell, who often takes his jokes too far, reined it in and gave a solid performance. If you enjoyed the first film, you will enjoy this one too. Compared to Bad Mums Two, which also has a Christmas theme, Daddy’s Home Two is better and more family friendly. However, neither make the cut for my top 10 Christmas films of all time.