Loving Vincent

By Jackie Raphael

4 stars

Many people already know the story of artist Vincent van Gogh, however this film has a unique approach to telling his narrative. Loving Vincent focuses on the death of the artist by following Armand Roulin (Douglas Rooth), son of van Gogh's friend and postman Joseph Roulin (Chris O'Dowd), as he tries to deliver the last letter van Gogh (Robert Gulaczyk) wrote to his brother. While on this journey, he begins to investigate the complex man's death.

What makes this film unique is that it is done entirely through paintings. More than 100 artists painted the scenes and the attention to detail is amazing. The way they captured van Gogh's paint strokes and brought it to life through film is brilliant. The characters are all based on real people in van Gogh's life, who he actually painted portraits of. Director's Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welshman beautifully captured the essence of the real life people and mixed it with the characteristics of the actors. The directors also created seamless transitions to flashback sequences. While the constant motion of the paint strokes hurts the eyes a little bit, it is worth seeing the first fully painted animation feature on a big screen.