From Naples With Love (Troppo Napoletano)

By Angie Raphael

3 stars

Often silly but always fun, From Naples With Love is a joyful family comedy about childhood crushes. This Italian film also offers a sweet representation of Naples that may inspire travellers to explore the famous city. Ciro (Gennaro Guazzo) is an eleven-year-old boy trying to navigate his first big crush on schoolmate Ludovica (Giorgia Agata) with the help of his geeky psychologist Tommaso (Luigi Esposito), who soon finds himself falling in love with the boy’s gorgeous single mother Debora (Serena Rossi). Writer/director Gianluca Ansanelli has created a heart-warming tale akin to Liam Neeson's storyline in Love Actually mixed in with a slice of Little Miss Sunshine. Some scenes are over the top but Guazzo is a delightful young actor and carries the film well.

* From Naples With Love (Troppo Napoletano) is screening at the Italian Film Festival