Terminator 2 in 3D

By Jackie Raphael

5 stars

How do you make a near-perfect film even better? Re-release it in 3D! Many films have tried 3D restoration over the years but sometimes it adds very little to the experience and is often just a technique to make more cash. Perhaps money was the key driver for re-releasing James Cameron's 1991 classic Terminator 2, but regardless, the 3D effects are fantastic. While 3D technology is frequently used as a gimmick in other films, Cameron always uses it as a tool to enhance the viewing experience and make the audience feel like they are in the scene with the characters. As the creator of Avatar, the first feature film to be shot in 3D, Cameron certainly knows how to use the technology to add to the action sequences. I watched Terminator 2 when I was far too young, so I cannot remember a time before I loved it. I was skeptical of the 3D release, but it actually does make the film aesthetically stronger. Whether you have seen the film 100 times or never before, it is worth enjoying on the big screen in 3D. It is only in cinemas for one week, so take the opportunity while you can.