Elvis is Underrated

By Jackie Raphael

I realise the title of this post may perplex you. Elvis Presley is of course an icon, known as The King of Rock. While his music is widely celebrated, his films are often mocked. Some say they are all the same, his characters just change occupations slightly. I disagree. Sure some were similar, but that was certainly not Elvis’ fault. As we know, the studio dictated what he could do. Even still, among the 31 acting roles, he managed to touch many people over the decades. 

My mother partly learnt English by watching Elvis films, so as you can imagine, I grew up with a lot of Elvis in my life. Now the next generation is also being inspired by his swaying hips, deep voice and dreamy eyes. Even, my six-year-old niece has a little crush on Elvis. I hope in this new world of streaming and downloading that Elvis films are still found by the new generation. They are unlikely to fall upon the films as I did growing up with them appearing constantly as midday films. Now, everything is available at the click of a button, but you need to know what to search for. 

I am writing this post in celebration of his life on the 40th anniversary of his death. The best way to celebrate, of course, is to watch one of his many great films.

Here are my top 10 Elvis films:

1) Girl Happy - Always makes this girl happy! Elvis accidentally falls in love with the young woman he is meant to keep an eye on for her dad.

2) Fun in Acapulco - diving, circuses, a cute child ... what more could you want?

3) Clambake - a fun movie about fortune and love.

4) Love Me Tender - a tragic cowboy film. One of his best acting performances. 

5 ) Frankie and Johnny - based on a poem allegedly inspired by a true story. This film is about a woman who shoots her man. Great songs and fantastic costumes.

6 ) Follow That Dream - a goofy, loveable role for Elvis. The bank scene is especially hilarious.

7) Jailhouse Rock - a classic that helped form much of his identity today.

8) GI Blues - he makes a bet to win the girl, but who can deny Elvis in uniform?

9) Girls Girls Girls - singing and sailing is a great combination. 

10) Easy Come, Easy Go - a fight for treasure. This film is worth watching just for the yoga scene.

What are your favourite Elvis films?