Paris Can Wait

By Angie Raphael

3 stars

Foodies and travellers will probably want to take notes while watching Paris Can Wait because there are many tips about where to visit and what to eat while driving through the French countryside. Just make sure you eat before watching the film because the food porn only increases with every scene. Fashion designer Anne (Diane Lane) agrees to drive from Cannes to Paris with associate Jacques (Arnaud Viard) while her film producer husband Michael (Alec Baldwin) flies to Budapest for meetings before joining her. But flirtatious Jacques wants to take the scenic route and stop regularly to show Anne more of France and reawaken her zest for life. 

Writer/director Eleanor Coppola, who is making her narrative feature film debut at the age of 80, definitely encourages the concept that the journey is more important than the destination. But Paris Can Wait also tackles some important issues, such as what to do with your life when your children leave home. The cinematography is also beautiful and the film will surely be great for French tourism. Lane is as delightful and graceful as ever playing a devoted wife who is taken for granted by her high-flying husband, while Viard is a quintessentially smooth Frenchman and exudes confidence. The entire film hinges on their chemistry, which is very strong. Baldwin has a much smaller role but he is a welcome addition. Unfortunately, the film's resolution fails to satisfy and certain actions by the protagonists seem out of character. Paris Can Wait is only about 90 minutes long and the ending is open for a sequel, but audiences can certainly fill in the blanks as to what happens next in the story.