Cars 3

By Angie Raphael

3 stars

Nostalgic and mostly pedestrian, Cars 3 never pushes any boundaries but is certainly entertaining for younger audiences. Struggling with the new and improved car models like Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) sets out to prove he is still the best race car in the world and enlists the help of trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo). The film mirrors the original to some extent with its central theme and peels back some emotional layers, including further exploring McQueen's relationship with Doc Hudson (the late Paul Newman). It was bittersweet to hear Newman's voice again in this third instalment. Other familiar voices include Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington and Tony Shalhoub. In his directorial debut, Brian Fee, who was a storyboard artist on the first two films, offers a sweet story with a solid message about mentors and feminism. There is also some cute animation, but the film overall is nothing remarkable and even a little long. It feels like this Pixar franchise has run its course.