By Jackie Raphael

3.5 stars

This is a fun and nostalgic film that maintains a lot of the same elements of the television show. Baywatch focuses on a group of lifeguards who try to uncover a crime. It takes a similar approach to the 21 Jump Street film by parodying components of the original show. For example, making jokes about women appearing to move in slow-motion. However, it is not quite as clever or successful as 21 Jump Street. The comedy was consistent throughout but, director Seth Gordon could have crunched it down by 15 minutes as some of the plot lagged. There is a good balance of objectifying both men and women in a hilarious way and there are several romantic story-lines. 

The cast did a wonderful job, with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron certainly standing out. Johnson plays Mitch and has many great one-liners, mainly his various nicknames for Efron's character. Efron looks even more muscular than usual and provides many of the laughs playing fallen Olympic champion Matt Brody. There are also cameos from some of the original cast, which fans will enjoy. As someone who grew up watching Baywatch, I certainly appreciated the reminiscing.