Fury of a Patient Man

By Angie Raphael

3.5 stars

Director/co-writer Raúl Arévalo makes his debut in this award-winning Spanish film that is dark, gritty and layered with emotion. It is about Curro (Luis Callejo) who has finally been released from prison for robbing a jewellery store eight years earlier and is hoping to restart his life with girlfriend Ana (Ruth Diaz) and their son. But everything has changed since his imprisonment and he soon begins spending time with the very quiet Jose (Antonio de la Torre), who is determined to get vengeance for what happened in the past. The performances are excellent, especially in the second half of the film during an odd road trip involving the leading men. Fury of a Patient Man is a compelling revenge thriller and never feels predictable.

* Fury of a Patient Man is part of the Spanish Film Festival.