Best Easter Films

By Angie and Jackie Raphael

Why are there so many Christmas films but not many with an Easter theme? In our family, we have an annual tradition of watching Rebel Without a Cause on Good Friday. We have been doing this for almost 15 years, and while we have been mocked by some friends, other people online have also listed it as an Easter film. James Dean himself says “Happy Easter” in the movie. It is a brilliant film that should be watched any time, so why not make it an Easter event?

To help you celebrate Easter this year, here is our list of the five best Easter films:

1) Rebel Without a Cause
The film that cemented James Dean's iconic image as a rebel and showcased his unparalleled acting ability, this film tells the story of a troubled teenager trying to fit in at a new school, which is made all the more difficult after a tragedy. Some wonderful cinematography and directing by Nicholas Ray.

2) Easter Parade
A nightclub performer hires a chorus girl to make his former dance partner jealous. Judy Garland and Fred Astaire are a joy to watch together in this fun, romantic musical.

3) Hop
Voiced by Russell Brand, E. B. dreams of becoming a drummer instead of being the next Easter Bunny, so he goes to Hollywood in pursuit of his goal. But when Fred, played by James Marsden, accidentally hits the bunny with his car, they form an unlikely friendship. It is a sweet family film and has some good laughs. The cast also includes Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, David Hasselhoff and Hugh Laurie.

4) The Passion of the Christ
Directed by Mel Gibson and starring Jim Caviezel, this film chronicles the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus before he was crucified. This is not just a film for religious people.

5) Rise of the Guardians
When an evil spirit attacks, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children. The film stars Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Alec Baldwin and Jude Law. Not a big box office hit, but a good family film.

What is your favourite Easter film?