Bad Girl

By Angie Raphael

3.5 stars

Part family drama and part psychological thriller, Bad Girl, which was shot in the Swan Valley, Kalamunda and Serpentine areas of Western Australia, is the debut feature film from director/writer Fin Edquist. It tells the story of troubled teenager Amy Anderson (Sara West), who was abandoned at birth before finally being adopted by Michelle (Felicity Price) and Peter (Ben Winspear), but their relationship is fractious. Amy plans to run away, but when her friends fail to show up, she tries to kill herself and is saved by Chloe (Samara Weaving). The pair then form an intense and complicated relationship. I cannot say more without spoiling the plot, suffice to say there are a few twists and some suspenseful moments. West and Weaving are both good, although there is a little bit of over-acting in some scenes. Edquist keeps the pace steady and has captured the isolated landscape of some areas in Perth's fringes quite well. Bad Girl is gripping and explores some interesting themes about family.