The Coming War On China

By Angie Raphael

4 stars 

This documentary from writer/director John Pilger covers some interesting history and looks ahead at a major political situation developing that everyone should be weary of – especially since the election of US President Donald Trump. The Coming War On China is quite an eye-opener and is sure to generate a lot of debate. The film begins by looking at how the US used innocent people on the Marshall Islands as guinea pigs for nuclear testing, which frankly could have been a heartbreaking documentary entirely of its own. Pilger then shifts to exploring the supposed fear the US government has of China, which has become such a huge economic power, and how America is preparing its military for a seemingly inevitable war in Asia. Go in with an open mind for this documentary because it definitely raises some important questions, but should also not be taken as gospel. The Coming War On China is emotional, at times making its audience feel sad and angry, but also hopeful.