The Boss Baby

By Angie Raphael

3 stars 

Cute and funny, but sometimes annoyingly illogical, The Boss Baby is a decent animation that at least young children will love. Adults might be a little less forgiving of the obvious plot holes, but there is a lovely sentiment at the film's heart about the importance of family and sibling love. Based on Marla Frazee's children's book, The Boss Baby is about seven-year-old Tim (Miles Bakshi), who has a wild imagination and is immediately suspicious of his new baby brother (Alec Baldwin). He soon learns the suit-wearing and briefcase-carrying baby is a spy on an undercover mission. There are some funny moments, including the Baby Corp delivery sequence and the Elvis impersonators on their way to Las Vegas. The film also delves into Tim's imagination in a clever and adorable way. Tim's parents are voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel, while Tobey Maguire is the narrator. They are all good, but Baldwin steals the film with some great lines. With the Easter school holidays coming up, I am sure there will be a lot of children keen to see this film.