By Jackie Raphael

3 stars 

A true story about an interracial couple that changed history, Loving shares the details of how American’s Mildred (Ruth Negga) and Richard (Joel Edgerton) struggled with the legal system and society after getting married in 1958. It is certainly a narrative worth telling, as it shows the racist views held at the time and how this couple broke the barriers because their love was so strong. They are certainly an inspiration, however the film could have done a better job of telling the plot. Loving is too slow-paced and lacks some important details. Edgerton gives an understated performance, playing an awkward and reserved character, yet Negga could have put more into her role to evoke an emotive response from viewers. It is surprising she got an Oscar nomination. Many of the supporting cast also underplayed the pain their characters must have gone through. Nonetheless, this film is still worth seeing, as it celebrates the 50 years since the heroic couple’s plight led to the US Supreme Court’s decision to remove the Virginia law and end the ban of interracial marriages in other states.