Patriots Day

Jackie Raphael

3.5 stars

Based on the true events that occurred in April 2013, Patriot's Day tells the story of the bombs that went off during the popular Boston Marathon and the impact it had on the city. Real footage is beautifully edited into the film and there are interviews with the victims at the end, which really adds to the emotional story. However, the film is a little too long and tries too hard in parts. For example, there is a love story for each character to create sympathy from the audience. Nonetheless, Patriots Day was definitely worth making, focusing on the strength of humankind rather than the brutality of terrorism. The casting was great, with some actors matching the appearances of the real-life victims quite well. Mark Wahlberg was particularly strong in his role as a police officer who witnessed the bombing, and Kevin Bacon was great, as always, playing Special Agent Richard DesLauriers. Patriots Day captures a piece of history and shares it with audiences through a positive message of hope and love.