By Angie Raphael

4 stars

Comic book superheroes have been around for a long time, but arguably none have more perfectly embraced and portrayed individuality and multiculturalism than the X-Men series. While the films have been inconsistent in their success, the character of Wolverine has always been beloved – and is my personal favourite superhero. In Logan, Hugh Jackman portrays the tortured anti-hero for the last time and gives a memorable performance. Logan is set in the future with a weaker and more vulnerable Wolverine and elderly Professor X (Patrick Stewart) living quietly in isolation until one day they meet a mysterious young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen), who is on the run and needs their help. Laura is so animalistic and Keen wonderfully complements Jackman with her raw performance.

Director/co-writer James Mangold has made this film brutal and graphic in its violence, which is finally an appropriate depiction of Wolverine's rage and savagery. Logan also has a western feel to it and even references the 1953 classic, Shane, which shares a few similarities in its themes. The film also humorously mentions the comics and it actually ties in well with the plot. Although it is set in the future, Logan does not look particularly futuristic. There are some technological advancements, but not enough. The film is also a little long at more than two hours, but it is gripping enough and emotional. If you have never liked this genre, Logan will not necessarily change your mind. But if you are a fan of Wolverine, you will probably agree Logan is a fitting end to the franchise of films spearheaded by Jackman.