Alone In Berlin

By Angie Raphael

2.5 stars 

Director/co-writer Vincent Perez could have provided a unique perspective into life in Germany during World War Two with his adaptation of Hans Fallada’s novel, which is based on a true story. But instead, Alone In Berlin was mostly boring and devoid of tension or suspense. The story is about Otto (Brendan Gleeson) and Anna Quangel (Emma Thompson), who learn their only son has been killed on the battlefield and decide to defy the Nazi regime by leaving anonymous postcards in public places. But as they become more daring with their resistance, Gestapo inspector Escherich (Daniel Bruhl) starts hunting them down. Thompson, Gleeson and Bruhl are so talented but are given little to work with and cannot save this film. Alone In Berlin is not terrible, it is just nothing particularly new or memorable.