By Jackie Raphael

Cute animated animals singing classic hits is always a great idea. Mixing that with a lot of heart and some solid character development, Sing is a fun film for any age. The film follows the journey of a koala named Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), who creates a singing competition to save his crumbling theatre. Each finalist has a unique story as to why they want to win the competition, adding depth to the plot. The impressive cast includes Reese Witherspoon (Rosita), Seth MacFarlane (Mike), Scarlett Johansson (Ash), John C. Reilly (Eddie), Taron Egerton (Johnny) and Nick Offerman (Norman). Their wonderful performances brought the characters to life, especially in Johnny's storyline. While there is an element of repetition towards the end of the film, it is relatively well-paced. The soundtrack will have you bopping in your seat – one young girl at my screening was even dancing in the aisle.


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