Best and Worst Films of 2016

In a year that was great for independent cinema and biopics, but not so much for comedies and sequels, here are our top 10 best films and five worst films of 2016.



1) Spotlight –  an important true story about child abuse that also emphasises the value of investigative journalism.

2) Captain Fantastic – striking the right balance between drama and comedy, this film about an unconventional family is thought-provoking, has beautiful cinematography and a strong cast. 

3) Hacksaw Ridge – a gripping and graphic depiction of World War II, telling the true story of a soldier who wanted to be a medic but refused to carry a weapon.

4) Mustang – a brutally honest, shocking, educational and culturally aware coming of age story about five sisters in Turkey who are forced to be married off one by one.

5) Room –  based on a novel, this suspenseful film about a young woman held captive in a shed for several years with her five-year-old son will make you cry and laugh.

6) Me Before You – based on the best-selling novel, which was inspired by a true story, this film will leave you in tears and has been one of the most tragic, heartfelt and controversial films of the year, exploring the life of a quadriplegic man. 

7) Trumbo – this biopic telling the story of famed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted by studios during a time when Communism was feared, shines a light on an artist who was forced into the darkness for a long time.

8) Deadpool – there have been a few good superhero films this year but this one was particularly refreshing in its originality and has consistent obscene humour, graphic fight scenes and a fantastic soundtrack.

9) Art of The Prank – flawed, but hilarious and interesting, this documentary chronicles the adventures of notorious artist and activist Joey Skaggs and shows how frighteningly malleable the media can be.

10) Zootopia – a creative and insightful film with endearing characters, stunning animation and layered with important messages about equality and racial issues.

Honourable mentions:
The Jungle Book
Love and Friendship
I, Daniel Blake
Star Wars: Rogue One 
The Revenant


1) Angry Birds Movie
2) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
3) Zoolander 2
4) Spin Out
5) The Legend of Tarzan 



1) Room – a disturbing plot that stays with you and fantastic performances.

2) Me Before You – a thought-provoking and touching story.

3) Trumbo – an interesting reflection on history with great performances.

4) Spotlight – an unbelievable true story with amazing performances.

5) Bridget Jones's Baby – a wonderful addition that brought laughter and joy to 2016.

6) The Light Between Oceans – a film that leaves you reflecting on ethics.

7) Star Wars: Rogue One – never enough Star Wars and it has an unexpected ending.

8) La La Land – a beautiful contemporary film that pays homage to the past.

9) The Jungle Book – visually stunning and worth the update.

10) Deadpool – an original and funny approach to the superhero genre.

Honourable mentions:
Hell or High Water
The Revenant 
Eddie The Eagle
Captain American: Civil War


1) Angry Birds
2) Zoolander 2
3) The Legend of Tarzan 
4) High-Rise
5) Underworld: Blood Wars