By Jackie Raphael

The colourful and cute animation is obviously targeted at children but Trolls is enjoyable for all ages. This fun and inspiring film is about a village of peaceful trolls who are invaded by bergens, who believe they need to eat trolls to be happy. When several trolls are kidnapped, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and the reluctant Branch (Justin Timberlake) go on a journey to save their friends from the evil Chef (Christine Baranski). The all-star cast also includes James Corden (Biggie), Zoey Deschanel (Bridget), Russell Brand (Creek), Gwen Stafani (DJ Suki), John Cleese (King Gristle Sr) and Jeffrey Tambor (King Peppy). The whole cast did a wonderful job at bringing their characters to life and singing many classics such as Hello and True Colours, plus the original hit Can't Stop The Feeling by Timberlake. Unfortunately, there were too many false resolutions but the final solution was a nice ending. The film leaves you wanting to sing, dance and find your inner happiness.