Cafe Society

By Angie Raphael

The chic fashion and glorious 1930s set design are the best aspects of this latest Woody Allen film. Cafe Society is about Bronx man Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), who moves to Hollywood and falls in love with Vonnie (Kirsten Stewart). She is the secretary of his uncle Phil Stern (Steve Carrell), who is a prominent agent, but their relationship is a bumpy one. Later, Bobby returns to New York where he runs a nightclub with his thug brother Ben (Corey Stoll), which they tailor to high society customers. While there are a few good laughs, the film lacks the level of wit typically expected from an Allen film. The protagonists are also unlikeable, so it is difficult to feel much sympathy for them. Cafe Society is visually lovely but will not go down as one of Allen's best.