The Confirmation

By Angie Raphael 

Beautiful in its simplicity, The Confirmation is a sweet story about the important relationship between a father and son. Eight-year-old Anthony (Jaeden Lieberher) is spending the weekend with his alcoholic carpenter dad Walt (Clive Owen) while his mom Bonnie (Maria Bello) goes on a Catholic retreat with her new husband. But things go off to a bad start when Walt is given an eviction notice and his toolbox is stolen, which he needs for his next job to pay his rent. So the pair spend the weekend trying to find out who might have stolen his tools. The film is poignant but also very funny. Anthony is a good boy suddenly exposed to violence, guns and drugs during his bizarre weekend with his father. But along the way, the protagonists bond in an important way. Lieberher is an impressive young actor, building quite a resume for himself after appearances in films such as Midnight Special and St Vincent. Owen is always great to watch and the pair work well together. Patton Oswalt also has a fun role as meth user and thief Drake, who contributes to the pair's wild misadventures. Writer/director Bob Nelson, who wrote the acclaimed 2013 film Nebraska, has made an endearing film with some memorable performances.