Spin Out

By Angie Raphael

While films like The Castle epitomise many of the things we love about Australia, Spin Out seems to focus on aspects of our binge-drinking, bogan culture that many of us would perhaps rather ignore and the results are somewhat embarrassing. Spin Out centres around the annual Bachelors and Spinsters party in a country town and how the various young people interact with each other. Some of the sub-plots are mildly entertaining, including the main romantic storyline involving Billy (Xavier Samuel) and Lucy (Morgan Griffin) who are best friends unable to express their true feelings for each other. But the film, written by Edwina Exton and Tim Ferguson, and directed by Ferguson with Marc Gracie, has a predictable plot and very few laughs for a comedy. It relies heavily on stereotypes, has too many cringeworthy moments and some eye-rolling dialogue. I want to encourage people to see Australian films, but unfortunately this is not one worth recommending.