The Carer

By Angie Raphael

It would be easy to dismiss The Carer as a film for “old” people, but there is some substance to the tale and it is perhaps equally appealing to fans of acting, theatre and Shakespeare. Sir Michael Gifford (Brian Cox) is a famed actor living his final years as a recluse in the English countryside while battling Parkinson's. Aspiring Hungarian actress Dorottya (Coco Konig in her film debut) is hired to care for Sir Michael and soon the pair begin to form a strong bond, despite the disapproval of Sir Michael's daughter (Emilia Fox) and housekeeper (Anna Chancellor). Like Sir Michael, Cox is widely revered and gives a very impressive performance, especially in his final scene. He and Konig also share some enjoyable banter throughout the film. Unfortunately, while The Carer is sweet, its story is neither original or as engaging and emotional as similar films like Intouchables.