Suicide Squad

It may be funnier than Batman vs Superman and the soundtrack is entertaining, but Suicide Squad struggles with its narrative as writer/director David Ayer tries to cram in too many new characters, leaving several of them as unappreciated sidekicks. Suicide Squad is still a good film, but it is not the superhero blockbuster it promised to be and may be a victim of its own hype. Picking up shortly after the events of Batman vs Superman, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis being wonderfully wicked) gathers a team of imprisoned super villains to fight a greater evil. For all the attention given to the Joker (Jared Leto), he only had a few scenes, although they were pivotal moments. Leto is very good in the manic role but Heath Ledger's legacy as the Joker remains intact. The Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), is such a difficult character because she is essentially a victim of domestic violence with serious mental health issues, but is expected to carry most of the laughs in the film. Robbie does her best at being cutesy, which she is very good at, but some of her comedic timing is off and her American accent remains a problem. Deadshot (Will Smith) is probably the most in-depth character and he is very good in the role. I am not suggesting you skip Suicide Squad, I am just warning you to lower your expectations.