Jason Bourne

When the original trilogy came to an end in 2007 fans were left wanting more. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) might have finally remembered his identity but there was definitely more to be explored with the mysterious character. It took almost a decade but with director Paul Greengrass back on board, Jason Bourne is the film fans have been wanting. Bourne has been living off the grid when hacker Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) contacts him with information about his father. Soon, the CIA is on their tail as Bourne tries to learn more about his past. The story and character development are solid and the action sequences are entertaining. Thankfully, there is no shaky camera footage this time either. Damon remains convincing in the lead role and Alicia Vikander is an excellent addition to the franchise as an ambitious member of the CIA. Tommy Lee Jones is also very good as the slimy CIA director and Vincent Cassel is a horrifying killing machine. This fourth film in the franchise (forgetting the mediocre outing starring Jeremy Renner) is not just about money-grabbing. Jason Bourne is one of the most rewarding action films of the year.