Any film based on a game was always going to have a very particular audience, and while there are some good elements to Warcraft, it certainly struggles to fully engage anyone not already enthralled with its concept. Warcraft is heavily reliant on CGI, which is not necessarily a bad thing. What is disappointing is that it is two hours full of clich├ęs and magic that is difficult to follow and barely makes sense. There are, however, some good battle scenes and suspenseful moments. The cast is also mostly solid, including Travis Fimmel and Paula Patton. Set in a fantasy universe, the peaceful realm of Azeroth is facing a war from orcs, who are fleeing their dying world and want to make a new home. I have never played Warcraft so I cannot say how successful the film is in capturing the essence of the game, but I imagine there would be at least some enjoyment for the fans. Warcraft ends on a minor cliffhanger, ready for an obvious sequel. While the film has failed to impress American audiences, it has done well in other markets, such as China, so it could still become a new franchise.