It is rare to see such a brutally honest and culturally aware coming of age story on screen, which makes Mustang such a treat to watch. It centres around five sisters living in a conservative town in Turkey. One day, they are caught innocently playing with boys at a beach and it causes such a scandal that the girls are locked up in their home and forced to be married off one by one. Directed and co-written by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, the film is raw with emotion and depth, exploring issues of sisterhood, rebellion and sexual awakening. It shocks and educates the audience, while also being quite funny in some moments, and it is never predictable. The young cast is wonderful, especially Günes Sensoy who narrates the story, and their relationships feel as real and natural as possible. Mustang is a unique and satisfying film that could easily fly under the radar for most film fans, but is definitely worth seeing.