Miles Ahead

This film is not a typical biopic. If you know nothing about Miles Davis you may be disappointed to come away with very little insight, although the film is still fascinating and entertaining. If you are a fan of the jazz musician, you may already know about his life and career, so you will not be too bothered that this film does not hit all the milestone moments. Miles Ahead, which explores the artist's cocaine-addicted hermit years in the 70s, is actually more about Davis' personality, rather than what he did. The arrogant, gun-wielding Davis is played convincingly by Don Cheadle, who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay for his long-term passion project. Ewan McGregor is also excellent as the shady journalist, who goes along for the anarchic ride to retrieve some music Davis is not ready for the world to hear. There are also some flashbacks depicting Davis with his first wife, Frances Taylor, which provides some hint into his background. Nonetheless, while the film was good, I wanted more.