Ridiculous does not even begin to describe Grimsby, but audiences certainly know by now what to expect from a Sacha Baron Cohen film. I was surprised at how much I laughed during the film, which only runs for about 80 minutes. Perhaps most shocking though is the sweet sentiment about family at the heart of the tale. Grimsby is about a spy, played by Mark Strong, who is forced to work with his idiot brother, played of course by Cohen. While the duo have great chemistry and are very funny, the three leading actress, played by Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson and Penelope Cruz, are only mildly entertaining. There are some outrageous moments in the film and one memorable scene that is both hilarious and gross. All I can say is it involves elephants and you will definitely know what I am referring to when you see it. If you are a Cohen fan, Grimsby is exactly what you want.