Clearly, it was a mistake to split the final Divergent book into two films, but that is apparently the easy money-making tactic for popular young adult stories these days. Based on how poorly Allegiant did at the US box office, it seems that plan has backfired in this case, which is a shame because this series is actually better than the more successful Hunger Games franchise. Allegiant picks up where Insurgent left off with Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) going beyond the wall around Chicago to finally discover the truth about the world. Unfortunately, there is not enough plot to warrant the two-hour running time, again because they split the book in half, but the film is visually stunning. Woodley and James continue to build on their chemistry and their character development is both complex and interesting. Miles Teller also continues to provide the all-important laughs in such a serious post-apocalyptic story. Ultimately, Allegiant is a solid film and deserves more love than it is getting.