The Choice

I'm almost embarrassed at how much I liked this film. There are some far too sappy moments that are sure to make most people cringe, but the sweet romance at the heart of the tale makes this latest Nicholas Sparks book adaptation an appropriate addition to a Valentine’s Day date. Travis (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby (Teresa Palmer) are new neighbours who immediately get on each other's nerves but quickly realise there is an undeniable attraction between them too. The only problem is Gabby already has a boyfriend and Travis is hardly in a rush to settle down either. The leads have decent chemistry and Tom Welling is also a welcome addition as Gabby's alternative love interest. Tom Wilkinson plays Travis' dad and his sub-plot is also endearing. The Choice is not as moving as The Notebook, but it is not as lame as Safe Haven either. It sits comfortably alongside last year's The Longest Ride as a cute love story.