Son of Saul

I loved the concept of this film but the final product felt too long despite a running time under two hours. Set during World War Two, the film takes place at the Auschwitz concentration camp where Saul Auslander (Geza Rohrig) is a Hungarian prisoner forced to burn the bodies of his own people. But when Saul finds a young boy among the dead, he decides to take on the responsibility of ensuring the child is buried following a rabbi blessing. It is an interesting tale that provides a new perspective on the tragic holocaust story. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the film is the cinematography. Director/co-writer Laszlo Nemes literally has the camera follow Saul around so the audience sees what he sees as everything unfolds in front of him. People interested in history should find Son of Saul interesting, but note, it is a foreign film with subtitles.