As soon as the hilarious opening credits begin to roll, it is clear Deadpool is going to be a refreshing superhero film, and it maintains the momentum throughout. While the plot follows a fairly standard formula and predictable ending, the non-stop humour gives it zest. Deadpool is very rude and lewd, but it is also clever, including several Marvel references and inside jokes for comic fans. The film also has some graphic fight scenes and a fantastic soundtrack. Former special forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) falls in love with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). But when Wade learns he is dying from cancer, he volunteers for a rogue experiment led by Ajax (Ed Skrein) that leaves him severely scarred. So, Wade becomes Deadpool and aims to hunt down the man responsible. It is hard to imagine anyone else being as convincing in the lead role as Reynolds. The supporting cast is also solid and the film has one of the best Stan Lee cameos. Deadpool is perhaps at its best when Reynolds is able to break the fourth wall and have some brilliant meta moments. I hope we get a sequel.