The Walk

WRITTEN BY: Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Browne
DIRECTED BY: Robert Zemeckis
STARRING: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, Clement Sibony
RATING: 3.5 stars

Based on the book written by French high-wire artist Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), The Walk explores his journey in the mid-1970s as he recruits a team of people to help him realise his dream to walk on a tightrope between New York's World Trade Centre towers.

Petit's achievement was certainly amazing but the film did not need to be two hours long to depict it. There is a slow build-up and a lot of boring scenes. The most exciting part was the preparation the night before the walk as the small team scrambled to set everything up without the security guards catching them. It played out like a heist film. The walk itself was also interesting and especially exhilarating to watch in 3D. Gordon-Levitt nailed the French accent and gave a convincing performance. Petit is not always the most affable person to be around but he needs to be arrogant and determined to accomplish his goal. Unfortunately, the supporting cast are given little to do, which is a shame because it is a waste of talent for Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, Ben Schwartz and James Badge Dale. If director/co-writer Robert Zemeckis had tightened his film as well as Petit tightened his high-wire, The Walk could have been far more enjoyable.