WRITTEN BY: Cameron Crowe
DIRECTED BY: Cameron Crowe
STARRING: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski
RATING: 1.5 stars

Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) is a contractor working with eccentric billionaire Carson Welch (Bill Murray) when he is sent to Hawaii to oversee the launch of a satellite into space. The Air Force appoint pilot Allison Ng (Emma Stone) as his chaperone and the pair set off to secure the blessing of the island chiefs before the launch. While he is in town, Brian also bumps into his first love Tracy (Rachel McAdams) who is now married to the weirdly quiet Woody (John Krasinski).

A lot of films set in Hawaii make you want to travel there. Aloha totally fails to inspire in that respect and fumbles its way through about 105 minutes of pointlessness. The technical aspects of the plot barely made sense and the romantic part of the story was unfulfilling. The resolution was also overly sentimental. The plot aside, there is also the very big problem of being set in Hawaii but then having very few Hawaiians actually in the film. In fact, Stone plays a woman who is part Hawaiian, which is shockingly unbelievable. Character motivations were also questionable such as why Brian and Tracy broke up, and why Woody is so quiet. It seems like he has always been this way and yet it only seems to bother Tracy more than a decade into their marriage. Allison is so annoying and pathetically lusts after Brian like a teenager obsessed with a member of a boy band. Their relationship arc is unconvincing. To make it worse, Cooper lacks chemistry with Stone, but is a little stronger with McAdams. None of them are particularly good individually. Not even Billy Murray and Alec Baldwin could save the film with their minor roles. Perhaps the only positive aspect of the film was the soundtrack. Such a shame.