While We're Young

WRITTEN BY: Noah Baumbach
DIRECTED BY: Noah Baumbach
STARRING: Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, Amanda Seyfried
RATING: 3.5 stars

Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts) are a childless couple in their 40's who are becoming increasingly estranged from their baby-obsessed friends. Josh was once a promising documentary film maker but has been struggling for the past 10 years to produce a second film, while Cornelian continues to work as a producer with her big-shot father. After lecturing a class on documentaries, Josh is approached by aspiring film maker Jamie (Adam Driver) and his girlfriend Darby (Amanda Seyfried), who seem to provide a breath of fresh air as they work their way into Josh and Cornelia's lives.

This film is not the Stiller comedy his fans might be expecting. While We're Young is definitely funny, but it also has a lot of depth and explores serious issues. There are a lot of hilarious and poignant moments when you will be thinking “that is so true!” and it is a testament to writer/director Noah Baumbach that he is able to speak to the audience in such an honest way. Stiller and Watts make a great comedic and romantic pair, while Driver and Seyfriend epitomise the young carefree spirit of today's youth well. Each of the main characters are well-developed and complex so that the audience cares about them and the decisions they make. While We're Young says a lot about ageing, the integrity of documentary film making, life choices and family. It is a great way to spend 95 minutes.