Before I Go To Sleep

WRITTEN BY: Rowan Joffe
DIRECTED BY: Rowan Joffe
STARRING: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong
RATING: 3.5 stars

In Before I Go To Sleep, there is a man with a scar, a woman with red hair, a hotel room, an airport and lots of blood. You will no doubt be on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out the truth in this psychological thriller. Amnesia is a horrible experience and the film pushes that stressful and scary feeling of not being able to trust anyone because of that lack of self-awareness. Inexperienced director Rowan Joffe perhaps tries a little too hard with the film and it suffers for that, veering into midday movie territory at times, while the ending drags on too long. But the cast is impressive and the music fits in well as the creepy story unfolds. Before I Go To Sleep is certainly an exciting mystery.

Based on a novel by S.J. Watson, Before I Go To Sleep is about Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman) who wakes up every day unable to remember the recent years of her life due to a traumatic accident. Her husband Ben (Colin Firth) is very patient with her, explaining every morning that they are married and fills in other gaps before going to work. But when he leaves the house, Christine gets a phone call from Dr Nash (Mark Strong) who explains to her that he is secretly treating her in the hopes that she will regain her memory. He instructs her to keep a video diary and together they try to find out the horrific truth of what happened to her.

Kidman is sublime in this role, depicting a frightened, insecure and unsure woman searching for answers about who she is and what happened to her. Firth is also amazing as her patient and sympathetic husband. As the story progresses you are never really sure if he is as he seems or if there is something more sinister behind his loving nature. Strong is also very good and adds another element of intrigue to the complex tale, while Anne-Marie Duff appears as Christine's friend and brings some more surprises to the plot.

Before I Go To Sleep is an intriguing story that will certainly keep you guessing.