Best Paul Walker Films

Whatever the circumstances, Paul Walker's death at the age of 40 in a car crash is a tragedy. While his youthful good looks have made many women and teenage girls admire him, his philanthropy has been respected by his fans, and it seems no one has ever had a bad word to say about him in Hollywood. He was also a father to a teenage girl and an animal activist. All of that aside, he was best known as a movie star. While I have never considered him to be a great actor, I have enjoyed several of his films over many years.

Here is my list of the five best and most memorable Paul Walker performances:

Eight Below
Without a doubt, this is the best Walker film, probably because the animal lover was almost playing himself, which is not to take anything away from his strong performance because he was very good. Eight Below tells the story of an Antarctic explorer forced to leave his team of sled dogs behind as they fight for their survival during fierce weather. Of course, he cannot allow the beloved animals to perish, so he does all he can to find a way to rescue them. If this film does not bring tears to your eyes, you are far too cynical about life.

The Fast and The Furious
The Fast and Furious franchise is what Walker is best known for and the original film remains the best in the series. It was largely due to Walker's charisma and his chemistry with co-star Vin Diesel that the film managed to garner so much popularity. While the film was panned by some critics as being a remake of Point Break with cars instead of surf boards, the film resonated with young people in particular and has spawned several sequels.

The Skulls
Who does not love a secret society thriller? Luke McNamara (Joshua Jackson) joins a secret elitist college fraternity called The Skulls in the hopes of gaining acceptance into Harvard Law School. But when some horrifying things start to happen, he begins to investigate what is really going on with the secret society. Walker has a leading role in the film and is perfectly suited to the mysterious role. He made this film before The Fast and The Furious franchise kicked off.

She's All That
Walker played the bad-boy high school jock in this film. It was one of his earlier leading roles co-starring with Freddie Prinze Jr who was at his prime in the late 90's. The premise is simple. Prinze's character makes a bet with Walker's character that he can turn an unattractive, socially awkward girl into the school's prom queen. The 90's had a lot of fun teenage romantic comedies like 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless. She's All That is just as memorable as those films.

I was a little terrified after watching this cautionary film. It tells the story of three young people on a road trip from Colorado to New Jersey who talk to a truck driver on their CB radio, but then must fight for their lives when they realise he is a psychotic killer. This film came before Wolf Creek and Walker was very good in it.

What are your favourite Paul Walker films?