Cirque du Soleil - Worlds Away 3D

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Adamson
DIRECTED BY: Andrew Adamson
STARRING: Erica Linz, Igor Zaripov, Lutz Halbhubner, John Clarke
RATING: 3 stars

If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil show live then you will probably enjoy seeing it in 3D at the cinema. If you have seen one (or more) of their shows then you may be as disappointed as I was that the magic of the show does not translate well to film. While it is great to get a closer look at what the performers do, especially in 3D, it also means that the mystique is lost, along with the grand spectacle of the show.

The film incorporates acts from the seven Cirque du Soleil shows running in Las Vegas in 2011 including O, Mystère, Kà, Love, Zumanity, Viva Elvis and Criss Angel Believe. Mia (Erica Linz) is a young woman in a small mid-western town who goes to see a travelling carnival where she is encouraged by a clown (John Clarke) to visit the circus. There, she becomes entranced by The Aerialist (Igor Zaripov), who seems equally as enthralled in her. During his act, he falls to the ground and they both fall through the ground into the dream world of Cirque du Soleil. They are separated and travel through the different tent worlds trying to find each other.

Highlights for me included the water-based show Le Rêve, Viva Elvis and the Beatles themed Love shows. The only problem was that the story line did not flow very well and some parts dragged on. While the film was enjoyable, it lacked the spark of a live show.