Alex Cross

WRITTEN BY: Marc Moss, Kerry Williamson
STARRING: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Ed Burns
RATING: 1 star

I didn't realise how much I hated this film until I started talking to friends about it afterwards. It was clunky, lame and unsatisfying. If Alex Cross had been made 20 years ago it might be passable, but for a modern film to feel so dated is just sad. It was like a C-grade film version of the television show The Mentalist. It amazes me how some films even get the funding to be made while other workable scripts remain in a pile of unfulfilled dreams.

Loosely based on James Patterson's novel, Cross, the film tells the story of Detroit forensic psychologist Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) before his eventual move to Washington with the FBI. His wife Maria (Carmen Ejogo) is expecting their third child so Cross thinks it might be time for desk job. But first, Cross must deal with a mysterious hit man named Picasso (Matthew Fox) who seems to be taking out some very important people. Cross teams up with his best friend Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) and Monica Ashe (Rachel Nichols), who Kane is secretly dating, to stop the killer.

Perry lacks charisma as a heroic lead. His character suffers great turmoil (which I won't spoil) in his quest to hunt down Picasso, and yet, I didn't feel enough sympathy for him. Meanwhile, Fox was so bizarre in his creepiness that he was almost cartoonish (those who criticised Guy Pearce's performance in Lawless should take note of this performance). However, I do have to commend him for his efforts to physically transform for the role. Burns was perhaps the most solid performer but even he seemed only half-hearted. Everyone else in this film was just plain annoying – even the children.

If you liked Morgan Freeman's portrayal of Alex Cross in Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider, and were expecting another good film adaptation of Patterson's novels, then forget it. Don't waste your time with Alex Cross. Read a book instead.



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