Pitch Perfect

WRITTEN BY: Kay Cannon
DIRECTED BY: Jason Moore
STARRING: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin
RATING: 3.5 stars
Rebel Wilson's character in Pitch Perfect introduces herself to two girls as Fat Amy, she says “so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back”. Later, a boy tells her that he thinks they should kiss and she replies: “I sometimes have the feeling I should do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm ... better not.” And that ladies and gentlemen is how you do one-liner comedy. Pitch Perfect may be touted as an Anna Kendrick film, but Wilson steals every scene. The film allows the hilarious Aussie to shine. In fact, Wilson is so good in this film that during the romantic scenes (because yes, it is a romantic comedy) I found myself thinking, “Bring back Fat Amy!” The film eventually follows a generic formula and the ending is abrupt, but it's worth seeing just for Wilson's performance.

If you thought Pitch Perfect was going to be “Glee: The College Years”, you'd be wrong. It's so much funnier. Kendrick plays Becca, a girl who wants to move to Los Angeles and produce music. The only problem is that her father insists she try college for a year and join in social activities. If she hates it after a year, he says he will help her move to Los Angeles. Barden University is known for its a cappella groups, particularly rival groups the Bellas and the Treblemakers. Becca joins the Bellas and tries to shake things up from the group's usual boring routines. Meanwhile, she juggles a complicated friendship with Jesse (Skylar Astin), who joins the Treblemakers and also works with her at the campus radio station. There is also a hurdle to their blossoming relationship because the Bellas have been banned by their control freak leader Aubrey (Anna Camp) from dating members of the Treblemakers. Of course, everything comes to a head during the singing competition.

For a film about music, but not quite a musical, there is actually quite a good variety of songs in Pitch Perfect. Unfortunately, there is a Miley Cyrus song, but there's also some good old Salt n' Pepa thrown in the mix. I also have to give kudos to a film that references Jaws and The Breakfast Club with so much love. I hope the target audience of teenagers take a look at the 80's teen classic after seeing this film.

While Wilson is the stand-out performer, John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are also hilarious as the socially inappropriate and often sexist competition judges with some great one-liners. For example, Higgins says: “Women are about as good at a cappella as they are at being doctors.” Banks also has her own share of one-liners like: “Nothing makes a girl feel more like a woman than a man who sings like a boy.” (It's funny because it's true). Hana Mae Lee is also hilarious as the shy and creepy Lilly, and Brittany Snow is her usual songbird self. I wonder if she can actually do anything else? Camp is suitably annoying and Kendrick definitely holds her own in the singing department too, although it's not her best overall performance - that would be Up In The Air.

Pitch Perfect has been compared to Mean Girls, Bring It On and Easy A. If you liked those films, you probably will enjoy Pitch Perfect. Writer Kay Cannon (30 Rock) has written a fun film and director Jason Moore, better known in theatre, has made a fine feature film debut.


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