Mirror Mirror

Guest review by Jackie Raphael.

WRITTEN BY: Melissa Wallack and Jason Keller
DIRECTED BY: Tarsem Singh
STARRING: Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Lily Collins
RATING: 3 stars

Mirror mirror on the wall what is the greatest fairy tale of all? Well, for me, the classic narrative of Snow White is definitely one of the best. The new adaptation of this story certainly takes some interesting twists, going against several of the stereotypical clich├ęs of fairy tales and poking fun at the conventions of these films.

The film starts through narration by the Queen (Julia Roberts), telling her story of how she came to rule the town and take her throne. Having kept her stepdaughter, Snow White (Lily Collins), locked away in the castle since her father’s disappearance, the Queen lives her life in luxury as ruler. While the Queen lives off the taxes of the civilians she finds herself running out of money and deciphers a plan to marry Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer). However, the prince has fallen in love with Snow White, who he met when Snow White decided on her eighteenth birthday to see what has come of the town and rebel against her stepmother’s wishes.

Perhaps the most interesting contrast to the original story of Snow White is how the seven dwarfs are depicted in this film. Their role, their names and their personalities differ largely, which makes for some funny scenes. Several jokes are carefully planted in the film for the adults to enjoy but ultimately it is still a children’s film.

The performances in Mirror Mirror were nothing special, but all fulfilled the expectations of their characters. Roberts lacked evilness, but carried herself well as royalty. I was distracted at the start by Collins’ eyebrows but after getting used to them her depiction of Snow White’s soft yet strong character was well done. I was most impressed by Hammer who played the cheesy prince charming character convincingly, with the perfect white teeth, good posture and bouncy hair. Hammer’s enthusiasm in the role made his delivery perfect. Out of the seven dwarfs who were played by Jordan Prentice as Napoleon, Mark Povinelli as Half Pint, Joe Gnoffo as Grub, Fanny Woodburn as Grimm, Sebastian Saraceno as Wolf, Martin Klebba as Butcher and Ronald Lee Clark as Chuckles, I found Povinelli’s character to be the most entertaining. As always Nathan Lane was amusing, as he played the role of Brighton, the Queen’s trusted adviser.

Mirror Mirror is fun for the children and fun for the child inside us all that wants to believe in happily ever afters. This film is definitely worth seeing for all those seeking escapism and a flashback to their childhood.


  1. Great review! There's nothing like a good fairy tale :)


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